Monday, May 4, 2009

Deep Navel Show Of Actresses

deep navel

Navel show is a craze. In fact, exposing tummy button has been a tradition since the days of old movies when vamps like Silk Smitha, Maria made their fans go mad exposing their deep navel in the most seductive way. It is seen that that actresses with deep navel are more preferred by film makers for a sensual role. And the reason is that deep navel is seen as a very sensual part of a woman's body. Watching a sexy navel is a real visual treat.

These actresses expose their sexy belly button in saree, jeans, trousers and even in bikini. There are many scenes in South Indian movies in which heroines show their navels in blouse without saree. One may find a scene in which the actress removes her saree to give a peek at her navel or the sari is bound so below navel that there is nothing left to imagination.

In another scene the heroine of the movies may be seen in a rain song in transparent saree. The sari drenched with rain shows the deep navel that is covered by the flimsy fabric. In fact, even so called homely actresses like Meena have shown their navel in such a sexy style that there in no room for further expose. That glimpse of fleshy deep navel when the saree of heroine is stripped is enough to give jitters to the navel-maniacs.

Some actresses in Tamil cinema have been labeled a navel queen like Simran. Simran is now a senior actress but her navel show is not forgotten by audience still. The memory of sexy first night songs and romantic scenes is still very much fresh in the minds of fans.

Then there are Telugu beauties who though newcomers, know the secrets of trade. Those who have seen Neninthe know what the lead actress of the movie, Siya has done in the movie. Needless to say, the movie bombed at the box office but what people are not able to forget is the sexy deep navel songs of Siya in sexy saree. Or take for instance Farzana. The actress has scored moderate success at best. But she has a fan following when it comes to navel show. Her latest was an item song in which that actress dances in a pink saree. Being voluptuous around her waist, she has got one of the deepest navel.

All this show of navel is not limited to movie anymore. In real life, women have adopted the navel show as a trend and it is normal to see a woman wearing saree way below her navel. Saree is the sexiest dress when it comes to showcasing sexy navel. It naturally attracts the attention. And wearing nave rings and other belly button jewelry ads further to the beauty of this sexy part a woman has.

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